The best bath toys are the ones that entertain around they educate

The best bath toys are the ones that entertain around they educate. These foam letters are big yet don?ˉt weigh much and they're colorful. When they're wet, stick these to the wall as well as your child learns by putting the best letter in to the correct animal. A for alligator, B for bear, etc. Even children that always don?ˉt care much for water start searching toward bathtime once they know it?ˉs likely to be fun. Splashing, laughing, maybe a little relaxing. Bathtime is certain to turn any little one's grumpy mood around at the end of the day.

A key part of any baby’s routine, bathtime is the bit of the day where you can finally all relax and have some fun before it's time for bed. Rather than make it a chore, inspire their imagination with our pick of the best bath toys.

best bath toys

Throw a few well-chosen toys into the mix and you're all set for a fun start to the bedtime routine. But how do you choose which toys are going to go the distance, and which are best for your baby's age and stage?

While a three-month-old will love the close interaction with you as she watches bubbles pop and water pour, a three-year-old is going to be more focused on co-ordination and control. Baby bath toys are nearly as important as the soap you choose to use. Bath time for baby can be a lot of fun for your little one and adding a toy or two can make it easier on both of you. If your little one is busy with a bath toy, they are less likely to fuss over anything you need to do to get them clean.